vrijdag 8 april 2011

Our crew is growing

As I, Zin Dragen was sharing a bottle of Rum with two of my maties,
The one and only Captn' Sheridan came limping by with a young lady by her side.
They of course, joined our little party and me and my captain quickly realized the creatures we were sharing our rum with, qualified quite nicely for our Pirate crew.
We, invited them the very next day, along with some other candidates, to do some tests.
As strict as we are, we only want the best of the best.

But as expected, those who we shared our bottle of rum with the day before, passed all out tests and proved to be pirate material.
And so, Now, We have a kook, A communicator, a navigator and a soldier-chick.
We only have one male crewmember for the moment...The Navigator.
it's possible another may join us but he hasn't filled in his application form yet.
But I'm sure the Navigator isn't complaining... we have some nice female pirates aboard the Specktica airship if I may say so myself...

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