dinsdag 12 juli 2011


Adventurous as we are, The captain, our cook and I, went to the carnaval in a nearby town.
One of the many things you could do there, was taking a ride on a brand new, stunt airship.
Of course, I threw the pilot out of the window and got behind the steeringweel myself.

hey, how often does a pilote like me get the chance to fly with a brand new stunt airship ?

exited as I was, I made the ship do the craziest things, and boy! I enjoyed myself so much!
Sadly, I ahd forgotten that there were other passengers onboard.

Our cook ( she's such a sweety. She only feeds us muffins tough... ) managed to walk in a straight line again after 15 minutes. But our captain... wasn't so lucky.

once she got out of the airship, she felt horribly sick.
and it didn't got better , so ... not much later she left us to take a nap in her bunker.

I had a lot of fun though.

Your pilote x