dinsdag 12 april 2011

Sheridan LeRoye, Our Captain!

The Captain was so kind to pose for me today.
I'll be colouring this later though, but I ran out of paint and we're not landing anywhere near an art shop today...
And I'll be needing A LOT of colours for our captain.

Anyway, as you can see, Our captain lost her leg on one of her many adventures
There is more to that wooden leg that meets the eye though.
a whole bunch of secret machina is hidden in there, like her binocular.
She also... loves to hit people on the head with it.
*rubbes her head*

maandag 11 april 2011

The pilot.

A self portet, my lads.
It is I, Zin Dragen, your pilot aboard this airship.
as you can see my style is more than just steampunk.
I've travelled over the world and I've met so many cultures.
And so, I've found inspiration in the land that lay beyond these horizons.
There's a nice and adventurous story about the little doll head in my hair...
My friend ' Doll face' lives in there, a cute but mysterious little hummingbird.
yet, that story is for another post.
A storm's coming up and I need to fly our ship into safety.

Love and Fairydust to all of ya

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Our crew is growing

As I, Zin Dragen was sharing a bottle of Rum with two of my maties,
The one and only Captn' Sheridan came limping by with a young lady by her side.
They of course, joined our little party and me and my captain quickly realized the creatures we were sharing our rum with, qualified quite nicely for our Pirate crew.
We, invited them the very next day, along with some other candidates, to do some tests.
As strict as we are, we only want the best of the best.

But as expected, those who we shared our bottle of rum with the day before, passed all out tests and proved to be pirate material.
And so, Now, We have a kook, A communicator, a navigator and a soldier-chick.
We only have one male crewmember for the moment...The Navigator.
it's possible another may join us but he hasn't filled in his application form yet.
But I'm sure the Navigator isn't complaining... we have some nice female pirates aboard the Specktica airship if I may say so myself...

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Costumes & Hunt

As I kidnapped Zin Dragen today to try out one of the costumes Me designed for her as official pilote of Me ship Spectica. We did amused us very well. The rotten ones that checked Me & me pilote didn't say much. So we decided to break off and left their ship. We ended wandering around in the middle of the night to sneak into dark streets and gloomy pubs. Me and me pilote had a little bottle of rum and wishky to flush the taste away, while we checked the surrounding rotten creatures.

We ended our wandering while eating some not so delicious cheap fish and chips, without a thing to flush the taste away. Having deepgoing conversations for our next routes to go with our ship. And discussing me pilote her taste and thoughts.

Currently, now we are talking over out magickal parrot about next course. Hope to let me hear much of us soon.

C'ptain Obscurialist

Starting the engines

The tale of how this adventure began is one about friendship and creative minds.
Two friends, One as obscure as the mind can be; and one... a dreamer who lives in a world far beyong the horizon, decided to start a journey with only one destination.... Adventure!

"Let us build an airship, one that can bring us to lands unknown " The dreamer, Zin said to her friend, The obscurialist.
When those words reached the ears of the obscure creature, a smirk played on her face, Stars that were not from this world... filled her black eyes.
" I'll make preperations right away"  She said with a voice full of confidence.
" And then, you must be the Captain " Zin said with a smile as she twirled one of her white dreads around her finger.
Yet now, The obscurialist cocked her head to the side. Why should she be the captain?
Zin leaned back and giggled, There couldn't be a better captain for this mission ... mission Spectica.
" The journey we're looking for is not one to find inner peace or to go sight seeing...No, the journey we want is one full of life, action, danger, enlightment. We want to feel our sweat burn our skin, to feel the wind through our hair and to smell the mountain air. This is not a vacation we're after.... What we want is adventure. and for that, we need a captain who's crazy and acts before she thinks. " Zin stated as her eyes narrowed.
The Obscurialist agreed with Zin and laughed while she spoke.
" Indeed, and that's why you need to be the Pilot "
This time, Zin was confused and waited for The Obscurialist to explain herself.
" When I manage to anger a bunch of other pirates...which will most likely happen, I'll need someone to 'fly' us out of trouble. And I believe you're the perfect one to avoid all canonballs when we're being chased by a bunch of angry airpirates. " The Obscurialist said.
Zin smiled, yeah.... she was right about that.
The obscurialist will get them into trouble, leading them to adventure.
And Zin will make sure they'll live to tell the tale.

The perfect team.