dinsdag 5 april 2011

Costumes & Hunt

As I kidnapped Zin Dragen today to try out one of the costumes Me designed for her as official pilote of Me ship Spectica. We did amused us very well. The rotten ones that checked Me & me pilote didn't say much. So we decided to break off and left their ship. We ended wandering around in the middle of the night to sneak into dark streets and gloomy pubs. Me and me pilote had a little bottle of rum and wishky to flush the taste away, while we checked the surrounding rotten creatures.

We ended our wandering while eating some not so delicious cheap fish and chips, without a thing to flush the taste away. Having deepgoing conversations for our next routes to go with our ship. And discussing me pilote her taste and thoughts.

Currently, now we are talking over out magickal parrot about next course. Hope to let me hear much of us soon.

C'ptain Obscurialist

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